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1. When we create our dishes, we take inspiration from nature. We love simplicity and stay away from complicated culinary constructs.
2. Our cuisine is based on common sense citing the laws of culinary harmony. It defies any short term trends.
3. Yes, we also cook with water, but our water happens to be purest Austrian mountain water.
4. and of course, we only use high quality oils and fresh butter from local grass-fed cows.
5. Almost all of our ingredients come from local farmers, cattle breeders, fishermen, gardeners and collectors who live just within a stone’s throw of Werfen.
6. We believe in long-standing, trusting relationships and that’s why our purveyors haven’t changed in decades.
7. We love where we live and have a deep reverence for our regional cuisine. Most of our dishes can attest to that. However, our curiosity doesn’t end here. We are always eager to discover culinary cultures from all parts of the world.
8. Away from norm and convention lies our individual path when we create our dishes.
9. Nuances are important to us, and detailed attention is given to all that goes on your plate.
10. We don’t think cooking is an art form, but a craft that requires high artistry from its chefs.
11. Good cuisine is only part of great hospitality. A carefully balanced and competent approach to service, welcomes every visitor at Obauer’s in Werfen.

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